Each year, as per state regulations, admission to public charter schools is done by a lottery process.  To learn more about lottery regulations, please click on this link:

Current Alice King Community School students are automatically entitled to enroll the following year without participation in the lottery.  Siblings of currently enrolled students will have priority for admission, subject to space availability, but will need to complete the lottery paperwork.

The lottery does not guarantee admission, but determines preference in filling available spots.  Once a grade level is filled, any remaining names are placed on a waiting list- for that school year- in the order in which their names were drawn in the lottery.

Lotteries are determined by the Principal, based upon enrollment needs.

AKCS does not offer tours to the public outside of our Community Open House, which will be held on February 16th from 5:00-6:30pm.   Families may tour the building from 5:00-5:30, and then participate in a Q&A session from 5:40-6:30. If you are interested in having your child attend our school, we ask that you attend the open house and get questions about staff, curriculum and schedule answered.


If you are interested in applying for our lottery for the 2017-2018 school year, please do the following steps:

  • Download, or retrieve a lottery application at the front desk of the school.  We are accepting lottery applications from 2/1/17 to 3/8/17. Please present filled out applications to the front office in person so they can be stamped as received.
  • Attend the Informational Session/School tour (Community Open House) on February 16th from 5:00-6:30pm. Tour the building from 5:00-5:30 and participate in a Q&A session from 5:40-6:30.
  • You may attend the Lottery, which will be held on March 9, 2017 at 10:00am, to learn what your standing is, or you may call the front office after March 9, 2017, to learn what number you drew.
  • Parents will be notified, starting in mid-April, as openings for enrollment at our school occur for next year.  When we offer an opening, parents have 24 hours to commit to enrolling their child.
  • Once a student is accepted, he or she must complete and submit a series of registration forms during “new student registration,” time and day to be determined.  Failure to comply with this requirement, on the date such paperwork is due, will result in a student’s losing his or her place at AKCS.

Please note:

  • Siblings are given priority in the lottery process, and you must fill out an application for each child in your family (who you wish to attend AKCS).  There is no guarantee of admission for siblings.
  • If an application is improperly filled out, with regard to the grade level of the child, the application will be dismissed.
  • We do not carry over lottery applications from one year to the next.
  • The date the application is received has no bearing on the lottery number.
  • Once you have received a number, you may be called throughout the school year, if an opening becomes available (based on your lottery number).

Please call Ms. Erica, at 505-344-0746, if you have additional questions, regarding the lottery process at our school.

Thank you for your interest in our charter school!

For more information on multi-age classrooms, download this file.

Multi-Age FAQ